All The President’s Men

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Here's a handy guide to (some of) the men and women who are keeping an illegitimate President in office, and how they got there. Jared Kushner, "The Deputy President"   You may have never...
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5 thoughts on “All The President’s Men

  1. You guys are such drama queens. May I remind you that freedom of the press does not guarantee access to the Administration. You can write whatever you want within the boundaries of protected speech. Furthermore, you are accommodated by the President as a courtesy which you may think is an obligation. You should pay rent on any space you occupy in the White House and fly commercial rather than on Air Force One. This is not a battle you are waging on the President, it’s a war. One you cannot win despite whatever wimps are in the House and Senate to help you. Nervous Congressmen/Congresswomen are cowering in the dark because of your insane accusations. American public will support Trump’s agenda in 2018 despite your subrogation of the truth.

  2. This is all a bunch if bullshit idiots will stop at nothing and do k lower than The bowels of hell to bring down President Trump. If you’d bothered to look this hard I to all the illegal crap that Obama was invved in prior to and while he was president you would never have reported it anyway cause he is your boy toy hook, line and sinker !! I don’t care how much fake news and Russian influenced crap was out there, I WOULD NEVER HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY CLI NTON ANYWAY, NEVER EVER EVER EVER. So put that in your propagandist pipe and smoke it or stuff it where the sun don’t shine !! Get over it, you losers lost..fair and square, period, end of subject. You are actually stupid enough to not admit or know the same exact type of shit and type of people were involved in both elections favoring Obama, and even elections further back than his..? Get your head out of your asses and wake up..this is nothing new, been going on for decades..our system may not be perfect, and bad players and big money has and always will be part of it, but its better than anywhere else, and your bullshit you peddle does no one any good. So make yourself useful, and get a real job, and have to live the way the rest of us do… putting God and country and family first, the rest of you are worthless… Go crawl back into the hole from which you come.

  3. Interesting piece, thank you.

    With all the talk of targeting via Facebook and Cambridge Analytica no one else has mentioned the potential use of US medical records [via Dick Devos] to aid with the Trump campaign. I wonder what other info sources have been used.

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