Is Jeffrey Epstein A Spy?

In part one, Investigative journalists Zev Shalev and Tracie McElroy revealed Jeffrey Epstein’s links to a massive ponzi scheme. In part two, they follow the money of a curious investment Epstein made in an Israeli start-up, and anwer the question is he a spy?

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Salvator Mundi

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman appears to have ‘lost’ the world’s most expensive painting. The Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, may hold the key to the Trump-Russia investigation.

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Henry Kissinger played a significant role in getting Donald Trump elected with Russian help, and it’s not the first time he betrayed his country for a Presidential nominee.

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The Mayor

Exclusive: As an FBI agent is transferred out of the Trump-Russia probe, there are new questions about Rudy Giuliani’s role in the Clinton e-mail scandal.

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A Private War

President Trump’s plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan would enrich three of Trump’s key financial donors and plays into Russia’s military objectives.

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Trojan Horse

New details of how the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin forged a deal during the 2016 Campaign and the mysterious role of a pro-Russian mercenary who has close ties to Mike Pence.

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Ferry Service

Exclusive: A newly launched Russian passenger ferry was detained for carrying suspected military cargo destined for North Korea. The new evidence Moscow is supplying Kim Jong-Un with missile technology to threaten the U.S.

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Chaos Theory

This weekend’s death of 32-year-old protester, Heather Heyer, in¬†Charlottesville, Va. plays into Vladimir Putin’s plan to sow chaos in the U.S.¬†

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