What if the US was subject to a financial attack and bitcoin was its trojan horse? Our two-part series: Bitcoin or Bust

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Gaetz and Epstein

An embattled Matt Gaetz has vowed to keep his job as he faces possible human trafficking charges, but the legal connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump caught us all by surprise. 

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Erik Prince’s Psy Op On U.S.

The War We’re In. Part Two. Exclusive. Erik Prince was building a weapon of mass disinformation intended to attack Iran over social media in 2015. His former business partner believes he deployed the WMD on the U.S. instead. Zev Shalev searches for the invisible weapon and wonders if it’s still operational today?

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The story of one man’s life-long struggle to expose a child abuse scandal on Jersey Island – a crown dependency ruled directly by the Queen.