Gaetz and Epstein

An embattled Matt Gaetz has vowed to keep his job as he faces possible human trafficking charges, but the legal connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump caught us all by surprise. 

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The Russian Asset

Donald Trump was first spotted as a potential KGB asset in 1980 by the owner of Joy Lud Electronics, Sam Kislin, and cultivated as a Russian intelligence asset over the next 40 years.

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Sedition Edition

The Supreme Court finally puts a definitive end to Trump’s hopes of a second term but not before exposing a massive corruption scheme in Texas. Eric Garland, Greg Olear, Nina Burleigh and Lincoln’s Bible. 

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Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981 coincided with the release of 52 American hostages from Iran. It was an artfully choreographed moment of diplomatic showmanship which elated a country and elevated a presidency, even as it exposed important questions about how Reagan pulled off such a deal. 

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