The Reinvention Of Charles Johnson

The notorious Chuck Johnson has undergone a transformation. The internet troll who helped elect Donald Trump is now a Joe Biden believer, and well on his way to becoming a billionaire. Johnson joined Zev Shalev on Narativ Live to discuss the growing role foreign intelligence agencies play in shaping the American political narrative. Jan 6: […]

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We’ve been working on other projects and haven’t kept the site up to speed with our latest podcasts which have broken viewer records and more than a story or two.


Fight of our Lives

Analysis of Joe Biden’s five alarm speech with @NinaBurleigh; Joe Dempsey (@DempseyTwo) brings Narativ an exclusive about the Oath Keeper’s black team leader; And the radicalization of the Hartland.

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Closing In

As prosecutors close in on Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Alex Jones, Narativ’s investigation into the three men, and others, continues.

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