Examining Biden’s Historic Oval Office Address on His Return From Shuttle Mission to Israel


As Israel. amasses 300,000 troops as it readies a ground invasion on Gaza, president Biden addresses the nation from the Oval Office on his return from his shuttle diplomacy to the region.  We’ll go inside the war room as President Biden urges Israeli leaders to de-escalate tensions. Through Rick Petree’s grounded analysis, we’ll examine the complex dynamics shaping relations between the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. We’ll consider the risks of a potential ground invasion and its impact on oil prices and the US economy. With clarity, we’ll explore the challenging road forward, including whether hostage negotiations could prevent further bloodshed.

Petree will share his perspective on dealings between Trump and foreign powers. We’ll discuss whether Biden’s diplomatic experience can reestablish America’s leadership role in the Middle East and beyond. Petree offers a hopeful vision for reviving a two-state solution. His global outlook promises to enrich our understanding of the forces driving this crisis and the future of US politics. This sober, thoughtful discussion offers timely insights.

Guest Biography

  • Rick Petree is an international investment banker and former corporate lawyer based in New York and Istanbul. He advises major corporations in Europe and the Middle East on renewable energy.
  • Educated at Oxford and Harvard.
  • Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Career background in law and foreign relations as the son of a U.S. diplomat.
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