From The Archive: Exploring The Alliance Between Roy Cohn, Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Reagan and The Origin of Fox News

Rupert Murdoch’s Australian newspapers hit the streets on Friday morning without the news that the media mogul was stepping down and his son Lachlan would become sole chair of News Corp and Fox Corp. The news was broken – after the print deadline in Australia – by one of Murdoch’s US mastheads, the Wall Street Journal.  

This episode of Narativ is from the Narativ archive – Part 1 of Spy Murdoch: The Story Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Want You to Know about the Beginnings of Fox News. My guest is Pulitzer award winner David L. Marcus, Roy Cohn’s cousin.

This episode explores the unlikely alliance between Roy Cohn, Rupert Murdoch, and Ronald Reagan. We delve into how Rupert Murdoch gained traction in the media business in exchange for positive write-ups for Ronald Reagan in the New York Post. We explore Cohn’s “Favor Bank” style of bartering, the close relationship between Ronald Reagan and Murdoch, and how this led to Murdoch getting sweetheart deals from Reagan’s FCC. We then discuss the transaction-oriented politics of Murdoch and the role Wendy Deng and the Chinese market played in it. Roy Cohn was an unlikely ally of Rupert Murdoch. Cohen was a self-promoting political figure and the right-hand man to Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin. Their Un-American activities committee aimed to fight communism. David L. Marcus, Cohn’s cousin, spent the last year of his life shadowing Cohn for a Vanity Fair article.

Episode Keywords: Roy Cohn, Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Reagan, Favor Bank, New York Post, Fox News, Libs, Wokeness, Deregulation, FCC, Alan and Company, Rothschilds, Israeli Intelligence, J. Edgar Hoover, Wendy Deng, Chinese Market, Propaganda, Brainwashing, David L Marcus, Pulitzer Prize, Global Events, Education, Politics, Spy Murdoch, Patreon, Narativ, Tyranny, Perfect Union


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