From the Mafia to the Mayor: A New Look at Trump, Giuliani, and NYC’s Mafia

As we ramp up to the new season, three episodes from the archives about RUDY GIULIANI. This content has been re-edited and digitally remastered, previously exclusive to premium members. If you want to see or hear more content like this, join narativ on Patreon or YouTube.

Step into the gritty world of 1980s New York City, where mob families claimed dominion over the streets. We’re ripping back the curtain to reveal an era of unbounded criminality and the consequential crackdown by US Attorney Rudy Giuliani. This isn’t just a story of law enforcement versus organized crime. It’s a convoluted tale, bursting with tension between the Italian and Sicilian families, the emerging Russian and Ukrainian mobs, and a controversial figure – Rudy Giuliani himself. Could his buried mafia history drive Giuliani’s mission to dismantle the mob? 

Get ready to question everything you thought you knew about recent history as we dig into the intricate ties between Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the grimy underbelly of NYC’s criminal world. We’ll scrutinize the alleged connections between Trump, Giuliani, and the FBI Agents Association – making you wonder just how far the rabbit hole of corruption indeed extends. As we highlight Trump and Giuliani’s audacious political ambitions and law enforcement’s complex dance with organized crime, we’ll expose a side of New York City you never knew existed. This is no ordinary tale; it’s a gripping narrative full of unexpected twists that you won’t soon forget.

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