Black Gold: A spider-web of corruption

As we ramp up to the new season, three episodes from the archives about RUDY GIULIANI. This content has been re-edited and digitally remastered, previously exclusive to premium members. If you want to see or hear more content like this, join narativ on Patreon or YouTube.


Prepare yourself for a journey into a world of shadowy alliances and high-stakes oil control as we uncover the unexpected marriage between Anastasia Fuchs, daughter of Pavel Fuchs, a Russia-linked tycoon, and Masoud Abdul Hafiz, whose roots trace back to the Gaddafi regime. This matrimonial alliance, we suspect, could be a convoluted conduit for a vast network of money, alliances, and oil at the heart of Libya’s ongoing civil war. We dig deep into the intricate web of international politics and how this seemingly innocuous marital alliance may have paved the way for questionable ISIS Libyan oil distribution, potentially involving the Fuchs family and Vladimir Putin himself.

But the plot thickens as we shift our focus to the sudden change in US policy towards Libya under Donald Trump’s administration. We explore whether this could be part of a larger scheme involving Putin, Rudy Giuliani, and a spider-web of corruption, with the implications of these actions reverberating across Saudi Arabia and Venezuela’s nuclear and gas industry. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride as we unravel the high-stakes game of international politics and the murky world of oil control. This episode is not just about shady alliances and controversy; it is about understanding the deeper implications of these actions on world politics and global

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