Democracy’s Last Stand

“It should chill every American to the bone that Donald Trump remains a viable political animal,” says Zev Shalev as he announces the upcoming season of Narativ.

Donald Trump is flipping the script and accusing Joe Biden of what he is likely guilty of, which is neither unhinged nor deranged; as one commentator put it, it’s sophisticated spycraft.

Trump's Post

What elevates Trump’s post to a real and present danger to US national security is that this reverse projection is being amplified to his base through – to borrow a phrase from Steve Bannon – a mindfuck machine – a complex web of highly compromised media assets from FOX News to Twitter that has trapped millions of our fellow Americans in a fake paradigm.

Rather than silence these foreign enemy media fronts, we’ve normalized them. Because Trump is much louder about Biden’s alleged crimes than Biden is on Trump’s, guess who the voting public will believe next November? It won’t matter what’s true; the loudest megaphone wins.

Narativ is just four weeks away from the launch of Season 5. It should chill every American to the bone that Donald Trump remains a viable political animal after the extraordinary body of evidence by Narativ, among others, that exposed him as an enemy of the American state.

Narativ was the first online publication to articulate that threat beginning in December 2016. Since then, we have exposed his ties to the mob and foreign intelligence agencies, revealing many of the crimes Trump was responsible for while in power, from coronavirus to January 6. We’ve also reported on the ecosystem of organizations and individuals that created the MAGA framework – from the Council for National Policy to Leonard Leo – and we’ve exposed the members of the alliance we called The Enemies of Democracy.



We’ve offered appropriate solutions and actionable policies that may have avoided Donald Trump’s return. Some of our suggestions have been implemented, but many have not.

Today, we stand on the precipice of a world war. The implications of this are devastating for all of humanity. Still, they are particularly destructive to American democracy and the incredible human rights progress and advancements in knowledge that have been won over the last century under an enlightened USA hegemony. A global conflict can achieve nothing good, but the Enemies of Democracy continue to signal their military intentions in overt and covert ways.

That is why I am dedicating Season 5 to putting a definitive stop to Donald Trump’s political ambitions and ensuring that the next election results in an undeniable and resounding victory for democracy that echoes across the planet and permanently breaks up the Enemies of Democracy.

I am committing to produce a refreshed NARATIV with Zev Shalev that will contextualize the news events we live through and the consequences they foretell in the coming years. These episodes will run weekly on Wednesday nights at 9 PM ET beginning Wednesday, September 6.

I also intend to open my Trump files for premium subscribers only. Season 5 will include an embedded premium serial revealing never-before-reported secrets of Donald Trump’s life, how he ascended to power, and the people who enabled him. “Trump: The Untold Story” This serial will be available only to paid subscribers of Narativ. (At the $10 tier or higher who have subscribed to Narativ for at least four months or as standalone digital downloads at $20 per episode.)

As things stand, Narativ’s operational costs far exceed incoming revenue. My genuine hope is that there are enough people who recognize the value of my work and who care about democracy and human rights, and who will find the resources to fund my work for this season. I urge as many of you as possible to join Narativ on Patreon today. This season will be our best yet, and it’s critical that as many global citizens as possible hear the truths I’ll be reporting.

This is not a drill or a manufactured subscription drive – if you can afford it and care about democracy, sign up for Narativ today. You will gain valuable insight into the events that challenge our world today from the only journalist who has gotten it right since 2016 and my thoughtful forecast of what the next five years have in store for us.

Finally, I should share that this season’s title, “Democracy’s Last Stand,” is an homage to Ronald Reagan’s 1964 warning: “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Reagan’s words echo resoundingly today. If the GOP nominee wins in ’24, they will immediately begin dismantling democracy as we know it, all under the growing threat of a global conflict. It is the most consequential election in history, and Narativ will be essential to understanding events in its lead-up. Sign up today to fund season 5, “Democracy’s Last Stand,” at Patreon.

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