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Just as our founding fathers summoned the courage to sign the Declaration of Independence 244 years ago, you’re invited to defend the values enshrined in that document by becoming a patron of Narativ.


The Birth of a Nation: Honoring the Courage of the Declaration’s Signers

In 1776, 56 brave men inscribed their names onto the Declaration of Independence, risking their lives for what was then merely an idea. This single act gave birth to a nation that has become a beacon of hope, freedom, and democracy the world over. Today, the nation they created remains under serious threat from outside our borders and from within. As we approach the most consequential election in US history, we invite you to support Narativ and our quest to preserve our founders’ vision.

Narativ was founded with the same principles of freedom, democracy, and civil liberties in mind. We are committed to speaking truth to power, uncovering the stories that are shaping our world, and providing leading-edge analysis of events in real-time. We have remained steadfastly independent, despite constant challenges, threats, and rumors to the contrary.

Urgent Call to Action: Become a Patron and Support Democracy

As a valued member of the Narativ family, I’m reaching out to you today to make an urgent call to action. Please join us as we continue the fight for democracy by becoming our patron today.

Narativ depends on your patronage to maintain our independence. Your support helps us continue to produce high-quality podcasts and live shows, conduct in-depth investigations, and deliver coverage without fear or favor. By becoming our patron, you become part of our family and actively defend American democracy.

By joining our community, you gain access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes updates, and direct engagement with our team. You will receive early access to our podcasts, live shows, thought-provoking articles, investigative reports, and impactful stories. Your contribution allows us to delve deeper into the issues that matter.

Celebrate Independence Day by Supporting Narativ’s Mission for Freedom and Truth

Celebrate Independence Day by supporting Narativ and our mission for freedom, democracy, and truth. Just like the brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence, you can help defend the values that shape our nation. Become a patron today. Together, we can protect democracy.

I hope you and yours are having a fabulous 4th of July.

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