Zev Shalev on Unmasking Foreign Secrets and FBI Mistakes.

The recently released Durham Report, an inquiry into the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump in 2016, has brought to light startling findings on the influence of foreign money, primarily from Saudi Arabia, on U.S. elections and the potential implications for democracy.

In this podcast episode, we dissect special counsel John Durham’s report and explore the FBI’s mishandling of the investigation into Trump, including their confirmation bias and failure to corroborate allegations in the Steele dossier.

We also investigate the possible involvement of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia in the 2016 U.S. election and the events of 9-11. Foreign Influence on U.S. Elections The Durham Report offers a glimpse into the power of foreign money through its analysis of the $6.5 million report.

It reveals a rich history of GOP candidates funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which could have significant consequences for the future of U.S. democracy. Furthermore, Twitter, which is owned by foreign money, mostly Saudi Arabian, has been accused of potentially engaging in foreign interference in elections by promoting certain right-wing extremist channels.

FBI Missteps in the Trump Investigation The FBI’s handling of the investigation into Trump in 2016 was seriously flawed, leading to severe reputational harm for the agency. Confirmation bias caused the FBI to proceed with the probe despite a lack of evidence, and they failed to corroborate a single substantial allegation in the Steele dossier.

The key character in the case is George Papadopoulos, who provided false information to the FBI. The chain of possession for the information he provided can be traced from Joseph Mifsud to Alex Downer to the legal attache in the US embassy and ultimately to Charles McGonagall. Investigating Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia’s Involvement in the 2016 U.S. Election and 9-11 This episode explores the possible involvement of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia in the 2016 U.S. election and the events of 9-11.

We examine the role of FBI agent Marc Rossini, who is now releasing information about 9-11, and the tactics of the Saudi government in trying to cover up their involvement, particularly the role of Omar Abayumi, a Saudi agent operating in San Diego.

We discuss the economic and political realities of the Middle East and the importance of always pursuing the truth, no matter how long ago an event occurred. Supporting the Pursuit of Truth In this episode, we explore the connections between George Papadopoulos, Charles McGonigal, Oleg Deripaska, and Walter Soriano. We discuss the narrative that Durham is piecing together in his investigation and the implications of those connections. We examine the dangers of fighting for truth and justice in the face of powerful opposition.

Finally, we provide an update on our own work, detailing our project to reposition for the fall and how you can support us. In conclusion, the Durham Report exposes the twisted trail of foreign influence and FBI mistakes that surrounded the 2016 election. As we continue to delve into this complex web of connections, it is essential to remain vigilant in our quest for truth and justice.

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