NEW CLAIM: McGonigal tied to $300M Kremlin Oil Scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Former FBI agent and current subject of two federal indictments Charles McGonigal is the target of new bombshell allegations.

Charles McGonigal was indicted for violating sanctions and money laundering in New York for his work for Oleg Deripaska after his FBI retirement in 2018.

A second indictment was filed in Washington D.C. alleging Charles McGonigal received $225,000 while still working at the FBI from an Albanian businessman, believed to be Agron Neza. Neza is an ex-employee of Albania’s intelligence services.

The second indictment reveals McGonigal was granted an audience with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on September 9, 2017, which he did not disclose to FBI officials. According to the indictment, McGonigal and Rama established a friendship that included several trips to Albania.

The four listed shareholders of the Albanian legal firm “Law Office and Investigation.”

McGonigal and Neza are listed as the owners of an Albanian legal firm, “Law Office and Investigations.” The other two shareholders are another former FBI agent Mark Thomas Rossini and a well-known Albanian lawyer Shefqet Dizdari.

Dizdari is also the chief executive of Transoil – an Albanian company with ties to Russia’s Gazprom that was awarded three highly lucrative oil fields south of Albania by the Rami government in 2018.

Official shareholder documents for “Law Office and Investigation.” McGonigal acquired a 25% stake in the company from Shefqet Dizdari.

Albanian opposition MP Ervin Salianji claims $225,000 is just the tip of the iceberg, suggesting the actual figure is in the $100s of millions.

“$225,000 was captured, but we are talking about millions of euros,” Salianji says. “The actual figure is at least $300M in one company alone.”

Salianji says the oil fields were awarded to Transoil due to McGonigal’s meeting with Rama in September 2017. An allegation that McGonigal is involved in a Kremlin scheme to win ownership of Albania’s oil fields illegally.

If such a scheme exists, it could place the former FBI counterintelligence director in the middle of a massive Russian espionage scheme of the very type he was supposed to investigate.

McGonigal was appointed head of counterintelligence by James Comey in Sept 2016.

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