Zev Shalev’s brand new serial “The Dragon’s Tail” reveals the untold story of China’s war on US democracy.

Part 1 of The Dragon’s Tail: Femme Fatale

“The Dragon’s Tail” is a multi-part serial written by Zev Shalev for @NarativTV. Shalev and Eric Garland host the series on Narativ TV.

“We didn’t just arrive at this conclusion today or this summer,” Shalev says of the investigation. “This has been flashing in the background of our investigation for six years, but until now, there has been insufficient evidence to reach the conclusion we can make today.”

China and its operatives have played a significant role In every aspect of what we now term the attack on democracy,” Shalev says.  


In the preamble to “The Dragon’s Tail,” Shalev reported:

Throughout the rise of MAGA, Donald Trump’s election and presidency, the pandemic, the big lie, and the attempted coup of Jan 6, we reveal the very detailed and deliberate hand of Beijing either funding, coercing, bribing, or influencing US events that further extremism in the US, the attempted destruction of many American institutions and a weakening position of the U.S. around the world.

To be sure, they have not done this on their own. As we discovered, the Chinese are adept at playing a shadow role in executing their operations – often using other countries, networks, or individuals to execute operations they would not or could not do themselves. 

This has been true for Russia, China’s closest ally and ideological paramour, as it has for other countries like Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates, and perhaps most troublingly, our closest Middle East ally Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu.

It has also been true of many American citizens who have profited from China through business dealings, some of whom have been witting Beijing operatives. The likes of Rupert Murdoch – the owner of FOX NEWS – which has become a propaganda weapon for the Chinese, recently sank another 100 Million dollars into his operation.

Some have been unwitting assets, perhaps succumbing to the influence of Chinese American spies or the vast propaganda network owned or heavily influenced by the Chinese government – from Epoch Times, NTD, and Fox News – or even the evangelical churches.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore China’s role in the big lie and the Jan 6 attempted coup. We’ll look at the many levers of influence Beijing had in the White House, and yes, we’ll expose the financial tentacles had into Donald Trump and his immediate family, which is where we begin today.

1. Femme Fatale

In Part 1, we explore Chinese spy Wendi Deng Murdoch’s grooming of Ivanka Trump and the mole she placed inside the Trump-Kushner household during the Trump White House.

This episode is posted at the top of this page.

2. Rupert and Me

In Part 2, we reveal the secret pact between Jared Kushner and Rupert Murdoch to elect Donald Trump as president and how all three men received cash windfalls from China.

Part 2 of The Dragon’s Tail: Rupert and Me

3. Christian Nationalism

In Part 3 of Dragon’s Tail, Zev Shalev and Eric Garland investigate the forces behind Christian nationalism – the new political force that’s emerged from Q-Anon and is openly embraced by Donald Trump. Their report will shock you.

Part 3 of The Dragons Tail: Christian Nationalism

4. The Strange Case of Guo Wengui

In Part 4 of Dragon’s Tail: Guo Wengui, a Chinese spy who has spent the last few years building a propaganda network with Steve Bannon, targeting the US with propaganda designed to polarize the US.

Part 4 of The Dragon’s Tail: The Strange Case of Guo Wengui
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