The Reinvention Of Charles Johnson

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The notorious Chuck Johnson has undergone a transformation. The internet troll who helped elect Donald Trump is now a Joe Biden believer, and well on his way to becoming a billionaire. Johnson joined Zev Shalev on Narativ Live to discuss the growing role foreign intelligence agencies play in shaping...

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One thought on “The Reinvention Of Charles Johnson

  1. Zev, this is the most important guest you’ve had on since I started following Narativ some time in 2020. I find it frustrating the number of really smart, good-hearted people who will only listen to like-minded people. The one lesson I got from the semester of Communism vs. Americanism in high school in the 60s was that NO ONE should live in a bubble. When you do that, you’ll be played. Every time. There is nothing wrong with being a conservative or a liberal. The main difference is cognitive/neurological, not moral/political. Charles is a neuro-atypical conservative. I’m a neuro-atypical liberal. Both of us feel less pressure from society than from our roiling brains that just must know. I want to hear more from Charles.

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