The Reckoning

The truth will out and the reckoning of the Republican Party has begun.

Part one of our podcast Verdict Watch with guest Prof. Jennifer Taub – author of “Big, Dirty Money/” (above)

Arizona congressman Paul Gosar (R) was censured for tweeting an anime cartoon depicting him murdering fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D), and the president of the United States.

Gosar was lucky to escape expulsion for his deed but it was Kevin McCarthy’s shameless, soulless, heartless, spineless, everything-less inaction that truly deserves our scorn.  The House GOP Leader’s refusal to condemn the threat of violence against his congressional colleagues and the president, is a total failure of leadership – laid bare for the world to see.

McCarthy failed the leadership test

It was just 10 months ago on January 6, when McCarthy was trapped inside the House as thousands of GOP supporters attempted a coup. On that day, McCarthy called the then president of the United States pleading with Donald Trump to call off the rioters who had breached he Capitol.

Trump ultimately acquiesced to a watered down call for the rioters to go home but when faced with a similar moral dilemma last week, McCarthy refused to condemn the assassination ideation of one of his own. He stood on the side of violence.

Why did Kevin McCarthy fail to condemn the violent threat?

I believe McCarthy and the House GOP have entered a pact. It goes something like this. They’ll put up a united front to protect their precious political careers, no matter what they do individually or collectively. No matter how terrible or egregious or serious the crimes they may have committed.

They don’t care. There is no low bar. There is no bar at all for the GOP. Everything is acceptable as long as it stays in the club. And if it’s in the club, they will stand together and protect each other, and everything they hope, will be okay.

We know what you did last SummeR

But it’s not ok. America is not ok. As I write this, we’re awaiting a verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse is the 18-year-old who crossed state lines to confront Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer. He was armed with an AR-15 while pretending to be a medic. Rittenhouse is clearly guilty, despite his claims of self-defense.

That may be the excuse that keeps Rittenhouse out of jail, and it will also keep his unnamed co-conspirators from scrutiny. I’m referring to the GOP leadership who helped foment the race crisis of last summer.

You remember that?

The violence that erupted last summer around Jacob Blake and George Floyd was designed to inflame racial tensions as an election tactic amplified by the GOP.

Why? To terrify suburban women into voting for the GOP. (The same thing is happening this year with all the school boards activity.)

I’m not excusing the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse. He should be found guilty and given the maximum sentence possible, but I am also not excusing Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump for what they did last summer. Their shadows loom large over last summer’s race clashes.

Flynn ordered a Pentagon official to begin a coup.

McCarthy is also confronting his role in setting the big lie. ABC news correspondent Jonathan Karl’s new book “Betrayal” describes how Mike Flynn, a retired Lieutenant General and Putin dinner guest, ordered Pentagon official Ezra Cohen Watnick to return home from the Middle East to “seize ballot” papers and implement “extraordinary measures” to stop Democrats from stealing the election they actually won.

Flynn’s actions add solid evidence that Jan 6 was an organized coup attempt. These actions are crimes of the highest order committed against every citizen of the United States who voted last November, and crimes against the constitution of the United States.

The US constitution has been given very little respect of late – some have predicted its demise but today we saw and felt the beating heart of the constitution of the United States of America.

Paul Gosar’s censure in the house was a reminder that every representative in that elected body swears to uphold the constitution of the United States.

There is no plan B or option B. That’s it. You uphold the constitution or you don’t have a job. That includes you Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs, Louie Goehmert, Lauren Boebert and of course, Marjorie Taylor Green.

Part two of our podcast Verdict Watch with guest Prof. Jennifer Taub – author of “Big, Dirty Money/” (above)

A caucus of seditionists

Tonight, I think we saw what truly ails Kevin McCarthy: a consciousness of guilt.

McCarthy knows what he did in the days and weeks leading up to January 6. He knows what he did to foment racial tensions last Summer. He knows what he’s done to cover-up the crimes of Donald Trump. McCarthy is wagering the truth will vanish if he and his pals deny everything. Like a group of naughty school boys covering up a prank gone bad.

McCarthy should rest assured things are about to get far worse for him and his den of thieves and liars.

Their pact will not hold up to scrutiny in the coming weeks and months, as every excruciating detail of how the once great Republican Party sold itself out and almost killed democracy will be revealed. It is a reckoning whose time has come.

Blood money

Two Americans will not be witness to that reckoning. Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum. Those are the two people that Kyle Rittenhouse shot dead last summer in Kenosha. They could have been alive today if it weren’t for the GOP and the Trump campaign.

The GOP has more than blood on its hands. It has blood money stuffed in its pockets, but no amount of money will wash their guilt away, nor will it erase the truth. The truth will out, and the GOP’s reckoning has begun.

Note: An earlier AI transcribed draft of this story was posted without editing.

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