Time to Arrest Trump

A former US Assistant Attorney tells Narativ the time to act against Donald Trump is now. RIchard Signorelli says there is a small window in which Trump can be indicted before some statutes of limitations run out and the politics of an election year kick in.

By Heidi Cuda and Zev Shalev

Part 2 of Waiting on Justice. Narativ’s interview with Richard Signorelli.

Former Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York, and criminal defense lawyer, Richard Signorelli, came on Narativ Live and in a long-form interview with Zev, pulled no punches. He referred to Donald J. Trump as a “madman,” a “sociopath,” “not that bright” and a continuous danger to America. In addition, Signorelli blamed Trump for hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths.

Zev opened the interview with the question on everyone’s mind: just what exactly is taking so long to prosecute Trump?

Signorelli said it’s a very complex case, and we won’t know what’s going on behind closed doors in relation to the investigation of the Insurrection, the planning, and the overthrowing Democracy.

”The hope is that things are going on behind the scenes,” he said. “At the right time and in the right way, indictments will be filed, arrests will occur, and hopefully Trump will be brought to justice.”

He revealed an interesting take on Attorney General Merrick Garland, predicting he will either go down in history as failing the country in its time of need or he is brewing up a massive federal case against Trump.

“There are cases he could bring now,” he said. “The Mueller Report lays out a case of obstruction of justice, and that should have been brought by now. Even Bob Mueller testified that this is a criminal case that could be brought. The second case is campaign finance fraud involving Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.”

Part 2 of Waiting on Justice. Narativ’s interview with Richard Signorelli.

Donald Trump IS THE TRUMP ORG.

Signorelli, who calls himself an attorney/activist, reminded viewers that the Trump Organization is “Donald Trump” and said he believes that Allen Weisselberg, a Trump Organization executive indicted for financial fraud, will cooperate with federal prosecutors.

Signorelli said Trump should be kept on the ropes, and tried individually for every case.

”The reason he did what he did and is still doing what he’s doing is he’s never been held to account,” said Signorelli. “He’s been able to get away with everything his entire life. He is a bully. He’s almost like a mob boss. He speaks in code.”

He added: “Trump is doing damage to our democracy, he’s being assisted by right-wing media, by corrupt and craven GOP officials, and he is supported by millions of voters who have been lied to repeatedly. Every day our democracy gets weaker. He will run again even if he’s indicted, even if he’s a prisoner.”

Signorelli said the only way to stop Trump is to charge him criminally. He said that might remove some of his teflon.

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Clear and Present Danger

“The time to act against Trump is now,” he said. “Donald Trump in handcuffs is the best way to do this.”

Signorelli said the pushers of disinformation who are running rampant in America need to be sued out of submission, and that includes the networks airing propaganda, and politicians who are being influenced by money and power to spread COVID-19 disinformation. He believes civil lawsuits against the governors in Florida and Texas are warranted.

A viewer asked Signorelli what role Mitch McConnell played in or current problems, and he said, “Mitch McConnell has overplayed his political hand. This is a man whose whole political career has been based on maintaining power at any cost. He overplayed his political because he normalized a psychopath.”

“I was so naive in 2016, when Trump was elected, I was so sure the Republican Senators would be a check on him. I can’t tell you how naive I was that they let him get away with everything. They got their judges, they got their tax cuts, and they forgot about what was really important in our country: integrity, our democracy, our Constitution. Once we lose it, McConnell’s gonna feel real bad about it in the twilight of his life. Apology not accepted.”

Because he believes Trump presents a clear and present danger, and has done so much damage, and continues to do damage, he said he’s a whole different kind of “criminal and madman.”

When a viewer asked if Trump was a mobster, Signorelli responded: “He acts like a mobster…He’s hellbent on destroying us in plain view. I wouldn’t put anything past him if he thought he could make a buck. I think he’s his own mobster.”

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