The GOP’s Next Big Lie

Homeschooling is the new anti-vax movement. Not content with pushing the health care system to the brink, the team that brought you ‘Hydroxychloroquine for Covid’, wants to bankrupt the public schools system.

by Heidi Cuda and Zev Shalev

Watch Part 1 of the Gop’s Next Big Lie above.

Extreme rightwing operatives are coordinating their narratives, selling fear in bundles. These narrative clusters are easy to spot, as audiences are emotionally carpet bombed with orchestrated talking points and repetition.

A recent speech by Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors—a Council for National Policy-funded group, according to Shadow Network author, Anne Nelson—offered a textbook example. Gold is moving on from the COVID-19 skeptic, vaccine disinformation, anti-masking conspiracy rhetoric to incorporating attacks on education. The speech took place in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Jose at the Values Advocacy Council Family Night. VAC is a pro-life Christian organization featuring upcoming events with Judge Jeanine Pirro and Mike Pompeo.

“Effective fighting is with rescuing the future, and that is with home schooling,” Gold told the VAC audience.

She began her speech with an anti-science word salad before launching into public education bashing. Gold, who was arrested for her participation at the January 6 Insurrection, equated vaccines with denial of freedom. Among her false claims were “the vaccinated are the superspreaders” and “asymptomatic spread is not a thing,” and because she is both a doctor and a lawyer, her words carry weight with her audiences.

Watch Part 2 of the Gop’s Next Big Lie above.


“You must start obsessing over the tyranny,” she said at the event. “The reason the Communists decided to use medical tyranny over other forms of tyranny is because it’s the most effective.”

Her propaganda speech concluded with two key points: home schooling is the way to avoid raising a mind-poisoned by Communists; and she made the announcement that America’s Frontline Doctors will be opening cash-only clinics. Currently, they offer for-profit telemedicine appointments. The Intercept just published an exposé revealing that AFLD is making millions off of telemedicine selling hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

“Never did you and I think that children would be turned against God, country, and family by the schools, but that is exactly what’s happening,” she said. “You must leave the public school systems, it must be bankrupted! Probably the biggest thing you can do is pull your children out of the poisonous environment.”

She then started pushing home “micro-schooling” with multiple families. “It’s not 100 percent free, but it’s really close to free… perhaps you downsize,” she said. And then she added: “Please retain early treatment meds…”

She concluded with the fact that people can buy the medications at the AFLD website. Lastly, she told the audience about the upcoming cash-only AFLD clinics. We made multiple attempts to reach AFLD, Simone Gold, and the CNP for comment.

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Dr, Simone Gold found time to spread anti-vaccination lies to insurrectionists while breaking the law on January 6. Now she has a new issue: homeschooling.

it’s about chaos

Dr. Nick Sawyer, who announced the launch of the anti-medical disinformation website “” on Narativ Live, said Gold’s rhetoric must be viewed within a larger context of the lingering impacts and objectives of the Trump administration.

“Donald J. Trump and his former senior advisor Steven K. Bannon’s ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’ has now reached deadly new levels,” said Sawyer, an emergency medicine physician who volunteered in a New York City COVID-19 ward in 2020. “Their ruthless, highly strategic authoritarian power grab twists every fundamental American institution to meet their ends, no matter the means.

“Many examples of their successful takedowns are clear for all to see today. Our country has been torn apart, leaving one of our two major political parties aligned with seething white supremacists hoarding loads of ammunition in preparation for the full takedown of the ‘deep state.’ And at the same time, they are weaponizing a deadly pandemic—a synergy of chaos into catastrophe. Their lead medical propagandist, Dr. Simone Gold is simultaneously working to destroy the institution of medicine, foment a distrust of science, education, and thus the truth. As the dismantling of the administrative state nears completion, a new one is being built. One based on a new reality where reality is no longer based on facts, but rather only what the authoritarian says. Democracy dies in darkness, indeed.”

As Zev explained the ramifications of Gold’s attacks on education for the Narativ Live audience, he brought into focus the larger picture: “The home schooling campaign is just the latest in a series of big lies from the GOP designed to wreck confidence in a US institution. Just like Stop The Steal and the anti-vaccination campaign, this isn’t about truth, it’s about chaos.”

Heidi concurred, noting the home schooling rhetoric was not only aimed at bankrupting public education—as Gold said in her speech—but also at indoctrinating the next generation of right-wing zealots.

For the complete story, watch “The GOP’s Next Big Lie” on Narativ Live.

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