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By Heidi Cuda and Zev Shalev

Narativ’s investigation into why people aren’t getting vaccinated brings us to the White Coat Summit and a mysterious peddler of lies.

Sean Conner, an open-source investigator in Austin, Texas, who owns a litigation support firm, had a rather curious meeting.

“Out of the blue, one of our larger clients called and asked if I could come sit in on a meeting they were having later in the day,” Conner told Narativ Live. “It’s about vaccines they said.”

Soon after the meeting started, Sean realized that while the topic was indeed about vaccines, it was not at all what he imagined. The outside attorney who had requested the meeting turned out to be a raving anti-vaxx, proselytizing lawyer who tipped him off to a virulently anti-vaxx website:*. *This website is NOT SECURE and should only be access with the necessary security in place.

“In the meeting, whenever I asked where they got their statistics from or for a citation, they would continually refer me to this website,” he said. “Over and over, to every question, like this site was the Wikipedia of anti-vaxx information or something.”

So down the rabbit hole Conner went. Having been curious about the application of OSINT methodology to his legal research, he went all in and put together a “merry band of shit-posting hackers,” whose advanced open source techniques and data gathering tools quickly identified the owner/operator of the site as an attorney named Todd Callender. For a few days, however, his name was all they could find.

Homepage of; this website is NOT SECURE and should only be accessed with the necessary security in place.


“It was bizarre, actually,” said Conner, “bizarre and kind of impressive. This guy had done such a good job of scrubbing himself off of the internet that we couldn’t find a current image or picture of him.”

So who is Todd Callender? According to Conner’s investigation, he is a 52-year-old attorney originally from Colorado who currently lives in the Bahamas. He is a ghost online, with no social media, a thin Linked-In page, no interviews or articles to speak of, and who gave the key-note address of the law-tract at the Council for National Policy organized and funded America’s Frontline Doctors “White Coat Summit: A Year Later” at the end of July.

The video of his speech at the event, which was not open to the media or the general public, was nothing short of alarming.

“We would not have known what he looked like had Dr. Simone Gold not posted the videos from the conference,” said Conner.

The speech attempts to outline the legal theory of a “case” against the federal government for the manufacturing of what Callender said were “nanoparticles, genetically modified to track, record, provide signals, intelligence, programming, and complete control over humanity.”  The goal of this criminal enterprise, Callender said, “is to tag, track, code, rate, measure, restrict, manipulate, and dominate every person and their rights.”

This case, he told the crowd, is already written up as a criminal complaint and can be found on his website “” to download and be used as a template. (Again, use security measures if viewing site.)

The curious case of Todd Callender, founder of “vaxxchoice” an online purveyor of Covid lies and vaccination falsehoods.


In a shiny, ill-fitting suit, conjuring God and the evils of the ultra-liberal elites, he injected phony narratives about how liberal elites were waging biowarfare weapons with the Chinese government to cause destruction. He also introduced frightening rhetoric about the Nuremberg Code principles, about how just doing your job isn’t an excuse, and referred to the COVID19 pandemic as the “plandemic.”

He said “of course they’re not vaccines,” referring to the proven vaccines currently saving lives, as “experimental gene therapy shots.”

In Conner’s deep dive on Callender, his crew learned the website was owned and operated by Saint Matthews Assurance, which proclaims  to be the first tribal insurer licensed by the Modoc Tribe in Oklahoma.

He learned that the address of Saint Matthews was actually a Native American heritage museum and when contacted, they knew nothing about Todd Callender, Saint Matthews Assurance or

“This cost us about three days,” said Conner. “By creating a fake company and placing that fake company on a Native American reservation, we spent way too much time trying to figure out how to verify if the company even existed. Finally, I just called the number they provided, and then it was so obvious.” 


Among Conner’s additional findings:

  • Callender has 266 companies in his name in the Bahamas with various titles.
  • His company in the U.S. is called the Corporate Law Firm Inc.
  • He has an insurance consultancy group called, which conjures the sterling reputation of the UK’s Cotswold Group dot com, a private investor service, specializing in  intelligence led fraud.
  • website has not been updated since 2013.

If Callender was a ghost everywhere else online, the one place he seemed very much alive was in the Panama Papers and the Bahamas Companies Registry. According to the Panama Papers, Callender is a co-owner of “ZAI HoldCo. 1 Ltd,” which is jointly operated by Dr. Ray Zimmerman in the ZAI Capital Group, which Callender also operates with Ian Towell. Both Zimmeman and Towell live in the UK.

Callender’s registered address for ZAI HoldCo. 1 in his capacity as shareholder is in Russia, the premier neighborhood in Moscow’s western suburbs, where the powerbrokers live in a gated community. Among the most expensive real estate in the world. It’s where Stalin, Lenin, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great lived, as well as current military intelligence, including Putin’s former personal security chief Viktor Zolotov.

Dr. Ray Zimmerman, his partner in ZAI, had his NOMAD license revoked, and he can no longer be associated with alternative investment markets on the London Stock Exchange.

Among the things Callender did not say in his anti-vaxx speech at the White Coast Summit is his family owns a vaccine technology company called PharmaJet. His mother is Dr. Kathleen Callender, a dentist and co-founder of Pharmajet. His sister, Heather Callender Potters, is the co-founder and vice chairman and chief advocacy of shareholder relations.

On August 23, PharmaJet announced that they were part of a group which received emergency authorization for the world’s first plasmid DNA vaccine for COVID19, using needle free injection systems. PharmaJet is in the middle of delivering on a $10 million dollar contract with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Callender, who said he is an international lawyer in his White Coat Summit speech, filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Sergeants Daniel Robert, Holli Mulvihillin and the rest of the military branches Colorado. His defense used the same hackneyed tropes and conspiracy theories he relayed in his speech to try to gain a temporary restraining order against getting vaccinated. The Judge tossed it out, with a vigorous denial, calling the motion “specious.”

“Yeah,” said Conner. “One does not simply form a class action. Especially when the class size would be nearly 2 million.”

Narativ Live reached out to Callender with questions for this story, but received no response. We also requested comment from Callender’s family.

“At this point we have a pretty good track on him so any activity he engages in we will see if he really believes the anti-vaxx narrative he is spinning or if it is a false front,” said Conner.

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