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As prosecutors close in on Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Alex Jones, Narativ’s investigation into the three men, and others, continues.

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2. NBC4’s Scott MacFarlane

Partial Transcript:

Last week on the show, we did the case against Roger Stone was really popular episode. As we started unpacking what Roger Stone was doing on the fifth and the sixth. You remember he was hanging out with the Manhattan, Madam, amongst many other things at the Willard hotel. We got to pick that up today and look a little further into what, what he did now.

Picking up from where we were earlier in the show. Look at these three gentlemen, you’ve got Roger Stone and Alex Jones and Mike Flynn, all these guys publicly conspired about having an insurrection on January the sixth. Two of them. I can find Alex Jones – although I’m pretty sure he did speak about it – spoke about instituting martial law. Each of them had a role in organizing the events of January the sixth in terms of bringing people together on planning it and all or whatever it was. Each of them had a role in leading it and elements of that, whether it was Roger Stone in terms of the proud boys and the oath keepers.

And now also the three percenters Alex Jones in terms of his info wars crowd that were there everywhere when we’re paying to even speak to the crowd. And Mike Flynn, we know was part of the Q Anon buildup. Q Anon was created and each of them had a role in terms of funding stop the steal day, they had a ton of events and a ton of video.

They had a ton of calls for people to, to support what was going on on January the sixth. And yet each of them is not being indicted because. Because it was a speech free speech. I don’t know that doesn’t seem to be, to cut it for me because it’s not just free speech, there’s money, there’s organization, there’s planning, there’s leadership, there’s contact with all these people.

It can’t just be free speech. It’s got to be much more than that. And we spoke a little last time about how conflicted Roger Stone really is in terms of the fact that he is connected to every single one of these organizations in some way or another. Women for Trump info wars. The 3% is Q Anon. The proud boys and the oath keepers all have connections to Roger Stone.

And yet he seems to be thinking that he’s going to get away with it right now. At least there is no indication that he’s even being questioned or indicted or will be for anything. During that period of time. And just one last thing before I let you jump in here, role, you know, we spoke last time about the Willard Intercontinental hotel and how close it is to the white house.

And I got the satellite image to everyone can really appreciate how close it is if you that, that big building in between the white house and Intercontinental is the treasury building. It’s basically inside the white house complex. So the Willard hotel is the white house. Basically, if you want, if you want a place to stay, that’s where you stay.

Many people are now saying, as we said for the first time last week pointed out that there were 50 people, according to the Manhattan, Madam, who was staying at the Intercontinental Willard, 50 people that perhaps people should be considering that as a war room set their brain as is out there saying that was a war room, according to some warring indictments that he’s seen.

We’ll ask Scotty about that. Uh, we don’t know that for sure. All I can say for sure is that it does seem like 50 people, including Roger Stone and many proud boys, many Oathkeepers will all staying at the Intercontinental Willard hotel and look how close it is to the white house. There’s a feeling.

NOEL: and I was a bike messenger, you know, I worked on Capitol hill and my main account was the congressional budget office.

So I was assigned there every day. And back then you used to deliver to the east wing of the white house. You literally used to bring packages up to the garden, like 10 feet from the building, this little sort of guard house, where they check IDs and I would drop off packages. I would also drop off docks.

Then house resolutions at the Willard all the time. Right? It was one of mine. If you were bringing something to somebody who was doing business at the white house, it was either at the Willard hotel, it was at the white house, or it was at the old executive office building those, which is on the other side of the white house, the Western side, like you mentioned, There’s big money behind 50 people staying at the Willard hotel.

And there’s a sort of a presence of officialdom in staying there as your command operation. And you mentioned Roger Stone and all the ties that he had. He was also just pardoned in December. And when he was on trial for a year, he tweeted out a picture of the judge in his case with a bullseye over her face.

So you couldn’t have a more dangerous man. Who’s basically given the middle finger. That’s this and saying I’m above the law the entire time. And then he gets pardoned. What does he do? He starts an insurrection. He is a Batman villain, you know, it’s like, it’s all right, it’s right in front of your eyes.

You see what they were doing? Basically, the whole thing is like, how are you going to stop? I that’s. I think that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s a very dangerous game of cat and mouse, but because they’ve got, I assume they’re all part of it. I assume the reason we’ve not seen a more action around them is that they’re pardoned.

This is Roger Stone before the insurrection, he was using the stop, the account as way of fundraising and what I find so amazingly interesting in this particular video is how focused he is on raising money for the security. Of the marches now who were the security of the marches. There were the proud boys and there were the oath keepers that were his security that’s who they were raising money for.

So let’s listen to a little bit over here. “This is a pop-up grassroots event for which we need professional security.” We don’t have a wealthy donor like George Soros waiting in the wings to write a check to subsidize our political activists.

We can only count on people like you. So to help us have a safe, peaceful event to help us have the impact we want to change history and to stand up for the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, please go to stop the That’s stopped the and help us pay. For the staging, the transportation, and most importantly, the security of our peaceful protestors.

Thank you. And God bless. There’s lots of talk about it in that video in general, but he clearly is raising money for an insurrection and people are, he doesn’t say he’s raising money for the proud boys and the oath keepers and the three percenters to be showing up in their military gear to storm the Capitol heat.

But that’s what he’s raising money for. And I used to calling it security, but that’s really what it is.

NOEL: And he’s also throwing in an anti-Semitic dog whistle. We don’t have a George Soros to cut us a big check he’s subliminally, like giving them their, their marching orders. He’s invoking the hate speech that they’re already trafficking and to ask them for them.


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