New video analysis of Jan 6 reveals a coup attempt planned with military precision.

Independent journalist Sandi Bachom joins Noel Casler and me on Tuesday’s Narativ with her meticulous minute-by-minute log of Jan 6 footage.

Five takeaways

  1. The Capitol building was surrounded and breached from all sides in a matter of minutes. A type of assault that would have required training and coordination.
  2. The GOP and the military were involved in the planning.
  3. The protesters were fodder for Trump’s ultimate goal: martial law.
  4. Trump set the mob on Mike Pence by sending a tweet within minutes of the building’s breach.
  5. We do not know but need to find out who ran the operation and from where?

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  1. I just discovered this site, by following the link to you, Sandi, & Noel re: Jan 6 video breakdown.
    Thanks much – I’ll be back!

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