GOP Criminal Enterprise

The After Show tries to keep track of the many criminal enterprises of the GOP featuring Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Allan Weisselberg, Joel Greenberg and Roger Stone.

PArt 1: RIP GOP?

Lincoln’s Bible and Prevail’s Greg Olear join Zev Shalev and discuss the new bride of the GOP and why things are heating up in the criminal investigation of Donald Trump.

Lincoln’s Bible also reveals news about her 5 season-deal for a new audio serial about the intersection of organized crime and intelligence called The World Beneath. It begins this Summer. Click on the link to subscribe and listen to the trailer.

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PART 2: Denial is a party CALLED THE GOP

The GOP is suffering from an acute case of denial about Jan 6.

CORRECTION. I erroneously reported that Richard Barnett had been sentenced to seven years. He has not been sentenced.

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