Prince and Consequence

Erik Prince is sacked by his Chinese bosses from the company he founded, ‘Frontier Services Group’. We have the exclusive details:

This week’s After Show felt like Christmas for many of us seeking confirmation of years and years of research. And yet, it’s hard to feel very festive when you’re proven correct on your treason story. The treason is still treason.


We’ve all known he was a treasonous campaign chair for Donald Trump since 2016. We even knew he was working with a Kremlin spy Konstantin Kilimnik, but that wasn’t quite good enough for Bob Mueller who couldn’t see the collusion so apparent before our eyes.

Then out of the blue, last Thursday, the Biden Treasury Department blasts out a statement which confirms what we knew all long – it was collusion after all.

Thanks for the A+ on the scorecard teach, but if you knew for so long, why did you still sell out America?

Lincolns Bible, Greg Olear and Zev Shalev on The After Show. (Keep scrolling for Erik Prince)

Exhibit B: Erik Prince

Erik Prince has been at the center of everything Trump-Russia and finally the the man known for the Blackwater fiasco may have met some consequence. He resigned as Deputy Chairman of the company he founded, the Beijing-backed Frontier Services Group, after a failed coup attempt in Libya.

It’s worth noting that a previous show we did about Erik Prince made it in to the UN report which concluded that Prince and others had violated the Libyan arms embargo.

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