What if the US was subject to a financial attack and bitcoin was its trojan horse? Our two-part series: Bitcoin or Bust

China and Russia recently jointly announced a new goal – to dethrone the American dollar as the dominant currency on the planet, and replace it with their own national digital currencies. The move comes shortly after Beijing unveiled the new digital Yuan which is intended to unite traditional currencies and crypto in a single digital wallet.

And then there’s the IPO of Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, anticipated to reach $100 million for a totally unregulated financial services sector with products that could tank the stock market.

For Narativ’s two-part series Bitcoin or Bust, Zev Shalev and Noel Casler are joined by extremism researcher and systems analyst Dave Troy, and early Bitcoin Investor Troy Esquivel.

1. White Coin

In Part 1, how bitcoin has become a magnet for white nationalists who could use it to threaten democracy. Dave has been tracking protagonists using similar disinformation patterns to pushing Bitcoin as he found while researching the Jan 6 insurrection. He also discovered a shell game where a lot of bitcoin was being purchased on credit.

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The panel sounds the alarm on too little regulation and very few criminal statutes which apply to Bitcoin. Is crypto part of Russia and China’s new aggressive strategy to hurt the US economy?

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