Woody Allen’s Op

Woody Allen’s op against Mia Farrow and we meet Josh Remillard who is running for a North Carolina seat held by a rising GOP star who is not what he seems.

Woody Allen survived a scandal which would normally crush an actor’s career.  How did he do it? Greg Olear’s new piece in Prevail breaks down Allen’s campaign against Mia Farrow.  Lincoln’s Bible and Don Lewis also talks about the reason behind the Atlanta gunman’s attack on massage parlors.


Madison Cawthorn is the poster-child for the GOP.  A wheelchair-bound country boy who is the youngest person to ever be elected to Congress. He also supported seditionists, lied about his military service and now it turns out was a predator at school,  Josh Remillard is the Democratic candidate who wants to challenge Madison.  Remillard He tells us his incredible story.    Greg Olear, LB and Don Lewis are with Zev Shalev on the panel. 

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