The story of one man’s life-long struggle to expose a child abuse scandal on Jersey Island – a crown dependency ruled directly by the Queen.

It became known as the House of Horrors. The Children’s Home on the Island of Jersey where hundreds of children were sexually abused, including by entertainer Jimmy Savile.

The discovery of the child abuse at Haut De La Garenne would land up exposing the dark side of a global elite willing to look the other way in exchange for the tax shelter the island provides them.

Stuart Syvret was once a promising young Senator and Jersey’s Health Minister until he tried to expose the child abuse scandal and was fired on trumped up charges. He’s paid the price for the rest of his life.

Stuart joined LB and Zev Shalev on Narativ to tell his story.

PART 1: MONEY ISLAND: House of Horrors

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The price you pay for saving children from child abuse and Jersey which is considered a crown dependency and is under the direct control of the Queen. It’s the place many foreign corporations and the world richest people hide their money to avoid taxes. Among them many members of the Russian mob that have in recent years strangled the British economy, corrupted its leaders and ultimately resulted in Brexit.

Stuart won a huge victory when the BBC dedicated a prime time documentary to his life-long work to expose the child abuse in Jersey. It’s because of Stuart that children are safe in Jersey today and hopefully the millionaires who call the island home can do something in return for Syvret to say thank you.

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One thought on “MONEY ISLAND

  1. Zev, hi!
    Stuart’s courage and plight is so powerful – as well as the huge horrible story of Jersey.

    Would you consider setting up a GoFundMe for him? (And if he needs it perhaps post a request for a pro Bono lawyer even if international who could assist him)

    I think many like me would love to contribute. And he and Leah do need your amazing help to get this story anywhere close to mainstream. I am even only catching up now

    Thank you always,


    PS: there was recent attempt to silence me on Twitter – my old @janforney1 account was hacked and Twitter tag changed- posts still searchable tho.

    I’m told it was likely by CIA-tied cabal Eric Prince D’Andrea Taylor cabal I sent you info on. They also do child abduction/ trafficking in US (Boston) -and did in Afghanistan I believe.

    my new tag is @jan_forney. I hope that You and LB know I am fighting with you and trying to do my part. 🙏🏼🔥❤️🇺🇸

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