The After Show has the latest on the FBI’s investigation into the Jan 6 insurrection, Piers Morgan, and breakthrough reporting on how Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to radicalize users. 

And the big news of the week, President Joe Biden’s ‘miraculous’ Covid-19 vaccination effort, reaching 100 Million shots in 50 days. We’re calling it “Coviderance”.

This week’s After Show features stand up comedian Noel Casler on the panel with L.B. and Prevail’s Greg Olear.

PART 1: Coup and Piers

RICO is in the air and Roger Stone may be catching a whiff of it.

PART 2: FACEBOOK AI and Coviderance

Karen Hao, Sr AI reporter at MIT’s Technology Review, joins the After Show.  Hao discusses her exclusive reporting revealing how Facebook uses A.I. to radicalize its users.  

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