Cuomo and the Coup

This week’s Narativ After Show took on Andrew Cuomo’s relations, the failed Trump coup, GOP whining and Brett Kavanaugh.

Authors Nina Burleigh and Greg Olear, and journalist Sandi Bachom joined Zev Shalev on the After Show.

PART 1: Cuomo and the Coup

Sandi began the show by revealing she had just had an unexpected Twitter spat with one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s accusers.

PART 2: Pantheon and Kavanaugh

Followers of Greg Olear’s Prevail site will have read Greg and L.B.’s 5-part investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s questionable path to the SCOTUS bench, which sets you up perfectly for Greg’s Friday night rant.

You can watch a live taping of Narativ’s After Show every Friday at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET on @ZEVSHALEV‘S Twitter feed.

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