History Rhymes

If history rhymes, our current moment would find its rhyming pair in post-World War 1 Europe.

Both Mussolini and Hitler attempted coups – Mussolini’s March on Rome in 1922 and Hitler’s Munich Putsch of 1923 – and both events have striking similarities to Trump attempted coup of January 6, 2021. Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat wrote the extraordinary book Strongmen and returns to Narativ to look at these two events in detail.



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One thought on “History Rhymes

  1. DYK there’s a portion of the Vatican Library forbidden to everyone except the pope?

    Find an Ancient Theatre History textbook called “Against the Grain: From Ritual to Realism” by John Franceschina. Look at his bio. Notice the other books he’s written. Now, let’s talk about what lies behind those golden doors of sin.

    Was Fred Trump at the 1929 Atlantic City “Meeting of the Mob”? Per Dr. Mary’s book, her g parents honeymooned there, so I wonder if his wife checked out mentally when she realized what she’d married into? Of all the places they could afford to go honeymoon, why there? He came from hospitality/brothel roots and that pattern most likely continued in that grand mahogany bar room he built in his new house. Perhaps his long-time sec’y/asst. was his Ghislane.

    Radio was a “twitter” in the U.S. after 1920 when Warren Harding first communicated with 120,000 people and the Navy regulated its use because of hacking by Hamm Radio operators. I would imagine Europe had the same technology not long after.

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