UN: Prince Violated Law

A UN report finds that Erik Prince violated a UN arms embargo by supporting Khalifa Hafter’s attempted overthrow the United Nations government in Tripoli.

The news broke in the New York Times on Friday just as the After Show was set to go live with special guest Gregg Smith – Prince’s former business partner and a man who helped bring Prince’s Libya escapade to the attention of the UN and the US Department of Justice which buried the investigation for the duration of the Trump administration.

We first exposed Prince’s Libya operation on Narativ in September when Smith first appeared on Narativ in “Prince of Proxy“.

These days, Smith is taking on a new challenge – as a Democratic Party candidate in Colorado’s 3 rd district which is currently represented by gun-toting GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Smith joined Greg Olear and and L.B. on the After Show panel to talk Prince, Cancun Cruz, Boebert and the insurrection of Jan 6.


PART 2: Prince was central to Trump’s election win

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