Cash Coup

Narativ follows the money behind the January 6 insurrection.

Ever since the words “follow the money” were spoken in “All The President’s Men”, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track the often dark money that courses through the American body politic.

If Watergate made political crooks crafty, Citizens United brought them into the light.

The 2010 SCOTUS decision opened the floodgates to corporate money by allowing corporations and wealthy individuals to hide behind opaque LLCs to exert their political will.

That’s how we landed up with Donald Trump in 2016, and Trump’s attempted coup in 2021. On this week’s Narativ, we’re launching ‘Money Trails’ a new banner for our follow-the-money investigation.

National politics reporter and “Trump Women” author Nina Burleigh and Lincoln’s Bible join me on the panel.

Part 1: Women For Trump

Nina Burleigh’s recent reporting in The New Republic focused on the wealthy women who bankrolled the insurrection, which got us thinking who else is paying for the attempted coup?

Correction: The founders of Women for Trump were misidentified in the ‘Money Trails’ podcast. The founders are Amy Kremer and Ann Stone.

From Narativ’s Money Trails, these are the top 5 individual backers who funded the 147 Republican representatives and senators who backed a call to overturn the vote.


In Part 2, we take a deeper look at James G. Ryan – an Ohio attorney who helps fund Carolyn Wren’s “Security Through Strength” PAC. Ryan has a decades long history of registering LLCs with unconventional purposes, including one that shares the name of Leslie Wexner’s Victoria’s Secret.

Can you help us identify connections between James G. Ryan’s LLC’s and related entities? Here’s the full list.

Help us understand James G. Ryan’s LLC’s.
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