Trump On Trial: Conspiracy

As the impeachment trial of Donald Trump begins, new details and questions about the GOP’s involvement in the insurrection

Trump On Trial: Watch Narativ’s timeline which tracks the evolution of #StopTheSteal into a party-wide effort to disseminate a big lie by the Republican Party and Trump allies.

I must have been among the first people to float the idea of Donald Trump’s second impeachment. It was January 6 at 3:25 PM and the protestors had already spent about two hours rampaging through the Capitol. From our recent shows that looked at the rise of fascism and Russia’s exploits in Ukraine and Angola, I was pretty sure what I was looking at was not a spontaneous event.

In the weeks leading up to the election certification, I suggested on the podcast that Trump could be setting up a post-presidency insurgency.

A week later, when Mitch McConnell opened the door to an impeachment trial and conviction, I was again pretty sure of what I was looking at.

Since then, we’ve learned even more about Trump’s seditious conspiracy, coordinated by his key advisors and supported by lawmakers and big funders of the GOP.

Trump On Trial 1:

The central question is how can the GOP Senators act as jurists if some among their ranks aided and abetted the plot?

I asked former Former federal prosecutor and host of the Justice Matters podcast, Glenn Kirschner that question and he didn’t mince his words in his reply. National political journalist and author Nina Burleigh and Harvard Law School alum and political activist Don Lewis also joined the panel.


In Part 2, Constitutional law expert Lisa Kerr joined the panel and says senators who don’t convict, imperil their political futures.

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