B Is For Brett

Can the people fire Brett Kavanaugh? Greg Olear thinks the answer is yes, and explains why on the latest Narativ Podcast.

Greg Olear wears many hats. He is the publisher of the great Prevail newsletter and a regular contributor to Friday night’s “After Show’ on Narativ. On the latest episode, Greg introduced us to one of the most thought-provoking pieces about taking back power I’ve read in years.

Written under the pseudonym of Moscow Never Sleeps, the author lays out a very specific case for ejecting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from SCOTUS, without a single impeachment vote being cast in the house or senate.

Maybe, as the Republican talking points go, it is mere anecdotal supposition that Kavanaugh the man is a functional alcoholic, a compulsive gambler, and an abuser of women. Nevertheless, it is objective truth from the signed financial disclosures of Kavanaugh the public servant that he and his wife are a solidly middle-class suburban couple living significantly beyond their means. In 2006, when he was a federal judge, Brett and the Missus put an unexplained down payment on a jumbo-mortgaged $1,225,000 house; at the time, he was making $63k a year, and she was mostly a SAHM. The family went heavily into unsecured credit card debt every year thereafter.


I recommend the entire piece, along with the accompanying piece about Clarence Thomas. The posts are well-written and convincingly argued but what really strikes the reader is something we need to get used to: doing – striking preemptively and with precision.

Rules and order are great when everyone adheres to them, but what is happening now is one side is wantonly ignoring the rules while simultaneously using the rules to break the system. In nature, as in some case law, the rules don’t matter when you’re facing an imminent threat.

The Republic remains in grave danger. We have chased the invaders from our House but they have left their emissaries planted all across government, our institutions and in every court circuit of the land.

Democrats are entitled to take whatever precautionary measures they deem necessary to avert a complete breakdown of everything being attempted by the GOP.

And I don’t mean only House Representatives. House Dems have a slim majority and a long agenda. They should focus on policy. But there’s plenty of room for citizens to keep watch over our democracy on every level and strike with precision to save the Republic.

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