Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981 coincided with the release of 52 American hostages from Iran. It was an artfully choreographed moment of diplomatic showmanship which elated a country and elevated a presidency, even as it exposed important questions about how Reagan pulled off such a deal. 

Watch: Civil Rights Attorney Andrew Laufer (@LauferLaw) joins @LincolnsBIble, @EricGarland and @ZevShalev on the show this week (above).  

Lincoln’s Bible recently uncovered a classified document which raises new questions about one of the most contentious chapters in American presidential history, and whom was behind that inauguration surprise.

The previously unseen classified document – a memo penned by Rudy Giuliani – not only places Giuliani inside the Reagan Administration in the weeks following the inauguration, but also reveals that the the newly minted associate attorney was making direct inquiries about foreign interference in the 1980 U.S. election.

LB first told us about the document on her can’t miss morning live “Flyerside Chat”

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