17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has become a lightning rod for right wing activism since he killed two protesters in Kenosha, WI, and injured a third. A new Narativ investigation reveals Rittenhouse is besieged by agents and lawyers associated with Donald Trump.

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Right wing media, extremist social networks, Trump’s own litigators and even former child star Ricky Schroeder have attached themselves to Rittenhouse, building him up as a poster-child of sorts for their extremist values and as a culture warrior they can fundraise against.

Last week when Rittenhouse’s $ 2 million bail was paid for by Schroeder and My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell, new questions arose about whether Trump right-wing machine was using Rittenhouse to further other interests.

Attorney Don Lewis used to work for Rittenhouse’s lawyer John Pierce. He says Pierce has a history of dodgy lawsuits and says what really stands out is Pierce is licensed as a civil litigator and has never handled a murder case. Lewis also points out that Rudy Giuliani was a former client at Pierce’s legal firm.

Lewis joined National Political journalist Nina Burleigh and Twitter’s mob authority Lincoln’s Bible on the latest Narativ podcast, Raising Kyle. In part 2, we analyze the influences that have shaped the Kyle Rittenhouse story and discuss what it means for his future.

Lewis also found several other points of contact between Trumpworld and Rittenhouse including.

  • Rittenhouse’s front-row presence at Trump rally several months before the shooting.
  • Defense fund donations to a right-wing group.
  • Reported support from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Rittenhouse’s lawyer “presidential election” statements at yesterday’s hearing.

At Narativ, we believe the best way of fighting disinformation is by carefully exposing it for what it is.

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