The Threat of Amy Coney Barrett

How Billionaire GOP donors are using dark money to rig the US justice system.

The very same dark money funding the selection of federal judges is also funding the draconian cases attempting to turn back legislation like gay marriage rights and Roe vs Wade and the recruitment of vulnerable churchgoers as GOP voters.

Watch part 1 and 2 of The Threat of Amy Coney Barrett. 

In part 1, we look at how US churches have become fertile ground for GOP data-miners to recruit future voters by targeting their algorithms to seek out vulnerable people based on their social media profiles and other available data.

This data-driven recruitment drive is the main premise of Dr. Charles Kriel’s new film “People You May know.”

Kriel was joined on the panel by national political journalist Nina Burleigh and author of “The Trump Women: Part of The Deal” and Greg Olear author of “Dirty Rubles” and publisher of “Prevail“.

Part 2 looks at how the GOP’s voter recruitment efforts connect to a much broader plan to influence every aspect of the United States Judicial system: from the selection of judges to the funding and mounting of specific cases designed to reverse rights. The plan has an even more pernicious goal.

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