Covidgate Cover-Up

By attempting to construct an elaborate narrative, Donald Trump has exposed his own cover-up.

Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection has spread to more than 100 people in and outside the administration.

Zev Shalev continues to make the case for an independent investigation into the Trump’s administration’s Covid-19 contagion. The White House has repeatedly refused to reveal when Trump last had a negative coronavirus test, citing HIPAA privacy laws.

In part 2, Zev and his guests explore Trump’s attempt to shape the narrative of this explosive scandal, which has unwittingly revealed a clumsy cover-up.

@Lincoln’sBible and Dr. Bandy X. Lee, author of the upcoming “Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul” join Zev.    

Watch Part 2 above; Listen to Part 2 below.

Watch Part 1 here.

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