The biggest scandal of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Watch: Part 1 of Narativ Live’s podcast on ‘Covidgate’ with Dr. Bandy X. Lee and @LincolnsBible (above).

Judging by the number of home videos Donald Trump has posted since checking himself out of the Walter Reed Medical Facility; the president seems more desperate than ever to dominate every news cycle – even while in quarantine.

Trump has used his positive diagnosis for coronavirus to distract us from the $430 Million boondoggle of a scheme he perpetrated on the American taxpayer. At this very moment he is likely plotting an inevitable comeback tour. And, he’s inserted himself into Covid relief negotiations which means his tour may well include a last-minute ‘incentive’ to his loyal subjects desperate after seven months of suffering from the pandemic he allowed to happen.

Not withstanding all of that, the White House Press Corps and their affiliated punditry is giving the President a free pass, just like they did in 2016 when they failed to expose Trump’s mob ties.

In our new three-part podcast, we lay out a devastating fact pattern that suggests Trump and his staff have lied repeatedly about when and how he contracted the disease.

Super Spreader

Trump has covered-up when he got sick, risked the life of a former vice-president and likely future president and misused government assets in a vast conspiracy to obscure reality and mislead his voters on a scale never before seen in the U.S. His blatant disregard the for truth has plunged America into a national security crisis, left us unprotected globally and exposed the White House to the ravages of a deadly virus.

New detail are emerging about Trump’s sham response to his COVID-19 diagnosis . It’s now looking more likely that Trump’s ‘super spreader’ event was not the nomination ceremony of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It’s important to know when he contracted the disease to understand what Trump knew at the first Presidential debate.

That night, Tuesday, September 29, the president and his brood descended from Air Force One in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time, at least four members of the presidential party were positive for the coronavirus.

The entire party arrived suspiciously late, making it practically impossible to have them tested in time. As they walked into the pavilion, Trump family members and staffers were living, breathing dispensers of coronavirus droplets. They took their seats directly in front of Vice President Biden. Remarkably, most of Trump’s family members took off their masks, shedding coronavirus aerosolized droplets into the room.

Biden says he took note of the Trump family’s flagrant disregard for the rules.

 “It was a little disconcerting to look out and see that his whole section, no one had masks on when my wife was sitting further down had a mask on, the people with us had masks on,” Biden told NBC’s Lester Holt in a town hall. “I didn’t quite get that.”

“You were able to see that from where you were?,” Holt asked

“Yes. When they came in, yes, because I was standing backstage and you could see people coming in and a lot of people didn’t have masks on.”


The days following the debate represent nothing short of a stunning attempt to hide the facts and cloud the narrative. Trump’s own body would give the lie to Trump’s fictitious story. As the President’s health took a turn for the worst that Friday, he was helicoptered to the Walter Reed Medical Facility. His doctors and staff reluctantly asserting he had just got sick.

Yet Trump was immediately treated with an experimental therapy which, according to available research, should only ever be administered in severe cases of Covid -19 and certainly at least a week into the disease’s progression.

White House onlookers believe the contagion began at the nominating ceremony of Judge Amy Coney Barrett on September 26, but many of the people who have since tested positive in the outbreak weren’t there. We may never find out where the contagion began as the White House has mysteriously blocked any contact tracing.

Why would it be risky to alert everyone Trump or Melania came into contact with? It wouldn’t, unless you desperately didn’t want it revealed how you contracted the virus.


Dr Bandy Lee edited the New York Times’ bestseller “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” which featured the diagnostic opinions about Trump’s mind of the world’s leading psychiatrists. The book avoided a direct diagnosis of Anti Social Personality Disorder but other writers like Dr. Daniel Winarick have come forward with the exact diagnosis. This puts Donald Trump in the same category as Jeffrey Dahmer and other psychopaths or sociopaths.

Dr. Bandy is a forensic psychiatrist who often assesses the state of minds of violent criminals. On our recent podcast, she shared three questions she utilizes in her practice to assess patients with disturbed minds. First:

“We think about whether there are medical inconsistencies, and we already know there are a lot in [Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis]”


“Is there a secondary gain? Is there something to gain out of feigning illness”


“And then we think about someone’s psychological structure. What’s their likelihood of doing it? Are they capable of doing it?”

“The answer to all these questions is in the affirmative,” Dr. Bandy concluded about Trump.

“He doesn’t fight the virus, he doesn’t deal with the problem at hand rationally but he deals with very consistently when you think about his psychology and what he does is: he denies, he alters and he lies about reality because reality contains very frightening things for him, including his own inadequacy.”

Dr. Bandy X. Lee


The collective failure of the media to hold the President to account for his nefarious intentions and malignant actions has been a constant feature of the media’s appeasement of an outlaw presidency.

The truth of Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis may indeed include an attempt to sicken his opponent during debate. Think about what that means for a presidency compromised by Vladimir Putin.

If we keep measuring Trump and his ilk against our own moral standards, we may never fully regain our democracy.

The 211,000 victims of Covid-19 deserve to know how the president got sick and to whom he spread it. All Americans deserve to know about Donald Trump’s actions. It may be the clearest window into his mind and soul we can actually trace. Congress and voters should insist on a full forensic medical investigation. And the media should stop aiding and abetting Trump by normalizing his criminal pathology.

About the podcast

In part 1, I lay out the inconsistencies in Trump’s story and ask psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee to explain why Trump may have set out to sicken Joe Biden. (above)

Part 2 of Narativ’s Covidgate investigation will post by tomorrow morning.

Part 3 will drop on Saturday morning.

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