Vulture Capitalism

The horror show that is Jared Kushner’s avarice knows no bounds.

Jared Kushner’s real estate firm Cadre is ready to pounce on low-income and minority neighborhoods devastated by coronavirus and its economic fall-out.

The president’s son-in-law personally oversaw the failed White House response to the coronavirus, which resulted in the death of more than 200,000 Americans so far, and contributed to the economic decay of large swaths of American cities.

Kushner’s Cadre is a real estate investment start-up he partly owns with his brother, Joshua. The company uses artificial intelligence to identify investment opportunities based on the very factors that Kushner’s failed coronavirus response amplified..

Kushner owns about $50 Million in shares in the company (which he has not divested). George Soros and Mark Cuban are also investors in Cadre.

” During downturns, the right kind of real estate investments have proven to give investors unique upside.”

CADRE CEO Ryan Williams

Not The Role of Government’

In March, while the president was lying to Americans about Coronavirus, Cadre CEO Ryan Williams had the foresight to lay off 100 workers and braced for the worst.

At around the same time, Kushner’s coronavirus shadow task force met repeatedly at FEMA.

According to attendees, the president’s senior advisor appeared to assume his father-in-law’s mantle, reigning over the meeting with a decidedly dictatorial tone.”The federal government is not going to lead this response”.

“It’s up to the states to figure out what they want to do,” he reportedly told those attending.

Vanity Fair reported last month that Kushner was specifically referring to blue states because at the time, democratic-leaning states were the epicenters of the virus.

The White House even canceled a national testing program that would have slowed down the disease dramatically.

“Free markets will solve this,” Kushner told his task force. “That is not the role of government.”

Max Kennedy, Jr. was one of a motley crew of volunteers from the finance world on Kushner’s task force. Kennedy told Jane Meyer in the New Yorker that he quickly discovered no-one else was coming to help with the coronavirus response.

“It was such a mismatch of personnel. It was one of the largest mobilization problems ever,” the young Kennedy said. “The fact that they didn’t want to get any more people was so upsetting.”

“It was the number of people who show up to an after-school event, not to run the greatest crisis in a hundred years,” he added.

Kennedy, who is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, was compelled to write anonymously to congress.

Business Insider breaks down the economic disparities of coronavirus.

ethnic cleansing

It’s against this setting that Cadre’s CEO Ryan Williams chose to announce that his company will resume investing, which basically means buying up large swaths of valuable property in neighborhoods in economic distress.

That distress has been made far worse by GOP Senators refusing to extend emergency coronavirus funding to the hardest hit Americans, depriving them of extended unemployment benefits. That, in turn, has resulted in large-scale evictions.

It’s into this soup of economic despair that a squadron of Cadre’s vulture opportunists will descend. When things are at their lowest, the start-up’s opportunity specialists will use whatever pressure is necessary to force residents out of their homes.

Bill Barr’s threat to withdraw federal funding from New York City, Seattle and Portland may also be used as leverage to compel state and city officials to go along with what appears to be some sort of for-profit ethnic cleansing scheme.

Barr won’t explicitly state he is targeting Black communities, instead he uses the phrase. ‘anarchic jurisdictions’.

Kushner’s reputation as a slumlord is well documented, and the city has a long track record of vulture developers preying on poor neighborhoods, including both Kushner’s father and father-in-law.

His father, Charles Kushner was a criminal who spent time in prison, but even he never engineered the genocide of hundreds of thousands for capital gains.

If anyone were capable of such a scheme, people who know the Kushners say, it would be Jared.

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