Lessons From Portland

What we can learn from the death of Aaron Danielson, aka Jay Bishop.

When two members of the extreme right-wing group Patriot Prayer were shot at in Portland on August 29, 2020, by a suspected member of Antifa, it seemed like the inevitable consequence of the now almost 100-days of protest in the city.

The shooting resulted in the death of Jay Bishop, whose real name is Aaron J. Danielson. On the latest podcast Zev Shalev analyzed the incident with Portland local Carl Sizelove, known on Twitter as @BaddCompani and intelligence analyst Eric Garland.

One Patriot Prayer member escaped unharmed, the other stumbled to his death down the street. The alleged shooter has since been identified as 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinhoel – an army veteran and Black Lives Matter supporter who provided security at some BLM events.

In a late-breaking development, The New York Times reports, police shot and killed Reinhoel while attempting to apprehend him in Lacey, Wash., southwest of Seattle. The newspaper does not report the exact circumstances around the death.

This podcast aired prior to the alleged killer’s identity being made publicly known but the context remains the same. Amplified tensions designed to secure the re-election of Donald Trump supported by the active measures of his foreign enablers. That’s where part 2 of the podcast picks up the story.

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