Secrets of The Apprentice

For ten years, The Apprentice made Donald Trump a household name while creating a wholly fictional narrative that hid Trump’s criminal activity.

The Apprentice was much more than just a hit shows for Donald Trump, it was a calling card that gave him access to the world’s organized crime syndicates and helped him foster a cover story for a lifetime of crime.

As a talent handler on The Celebrity Apprentice, Noel Casler was an eyewitness to Donald Trump’s behind-the-scenes behavior. He joins Zev Shalev on the podcast to reveal secrets of the Apprentice: sex, drugs and Donald Trump. With panelists @LincolnsBible and @GregOlear.

In Part 2, The panel discusses how The Apprentice enabled Donald Trump’s organized crime activity around the world and exposes even more secrets of The Apprentice.

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