Merchant of Death

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein was a key member of a global arms trading network that sold weapons of war to the world’s most ruthless leaders.

Of the many terms used to describe Jeffrey Epstein’s tradecraft, international arms dealer rarely comes up. Epstein became globally infamous for trafficking in teenage girls and blackmailing politicians with compromising evidence of encounters with those women.

The human trafficking and blackmailing operation was just a means to an end – an elaborate cover story to protect from Epstein’s biggest secrets from leaking.

In this exclusive report, I reveal how Epstein was a key part of a global arms trading network which trafficked in weapons of war sold to countries mostly in the Middle East for decades.

I’m joined by Steve Hoffenberg, Epstein’s former business partner, strategic analyst Eric Garland and organized crime researcher @LincolnsBible.

Part 1: EPSTEIN, TRuMP AND a guy named ADNAN

In part 1, we trace the ties between Epstein, U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the world’s most famous arms trader, the late Adnan Khashoggi.


In Part 2, we look at the complex money laundering operation Epstein may have set up at Towers Financial to launder his profits of war.


In Part 3, we reveal that Epstein inherited some of his personal fortune from Robert Maxwell, but where did Maxwell get his fortune from?

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