Crime of the Century

EXCLUSIVE: The untold story of how Jeffrey Epstein brought down Towers Financial and the network of despots, arms dealers, royals and spies which enabled him.

Did he also get away with the money?

In 1987, well before he became known for human trafficking, Epstein worked as a consultant at Towers Financial, a Manhattan financial monolith which specialized in selling securities and collecting on loans.

At its height, the firm had $2.5 Billion in operations. Epstein masterminded Towers rapid expansion into riskier products and suspected securities fraud. Then in 1991, the company collapsed under the weight of Epstein’s wild bets.

The story of Towers would have been buried were it not for the personal crusade of Epstein’s mentor and the Chairman of Towers, Steven Hoffenberg. Hoffenberg served 18 years for the crimes, while Epstein walked away a free man.

Hoffenberg claims Epstein was able to get away with millions of dollars from Towers by deliberately driving the company into bankruptcy.

Steven Hoffenberg is our guest on Narativ Live this week along with strategic analyst and intelligence expert Eric Garland and organized crime researcher @LincolnsBible.

For the first time we are able to reveal the extraordinary intersection of dictators, arms dealers, royalty and spies which has become Towers Financial, but we need to start in 1974.

PART 1: Once upon a watergate…

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PART 2: FAmily promis

PART 3: Crime of the Century

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