What Happened In Wuhan?

Did the coronavirus leak from a Wuhan lab?

By the time you start reading this post or watch the latest podcast, your mind has probably been bombarded by an extraordinary amount of disinformation from the U.S. and China over whether the coronavirus leaked from a Chinese virology lab? China obviously denies this possibility but the US isn’t so sure.

The global dispute resulted in an extraordinarily rare statement from the director of national intelligence confirming the U.S. is exploring claims the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

My independent investigation reveals that while the virus appears to be naturally occurring, it likely originated from cultures in the high security P4 laboratory in Wuhan.

These are my findings.

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There is much more to the disinformation war than meets the eye. Trump’s claims are also a strategic attempt to paint Democrats and Joe Biden as soft on China.

“This is what happens in a disinformation war. Two sides that are involved in something together start pretending to fight with each other. We saw it in Syria when Russia accused Turkey of profiting off the sale of ISIS oil. The truth is that faux fight was a smokescreen to hide the fact that they were both profiting off the sale of ISIS oil in Syria. The same thing is happening here.”

“What Happened in Wuhan?”
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2 thoughts on “What Happened In Wuhan?

  1. The similarities with 9/11 are striking: GOP President ignores multiple warnings & thousands die. A scapegoat is identified to deflect. Evidence of WMDs supplied to credulous journos. GOP Pres wins reelection. Miss anything? Oh yes, both crashed economy and called for massive bailouts.

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