Secret Life of Jeffrey Epstein Season 2

The second Jeffrey Epstein scandal could be far worse than the first. Zev Shalev returns to the scandal which launched the Narativ podcast, and discovers another mystery involving Epstein’s estate.

part 7: corrupt intent

It’s been six months since Epstein died and the victims are no closer to justice and Americans no closer to the truth. Zev is joined by Steven Hoffenberg who spent 18 years behind bars for crimes he says Epstein committed.

PART 8: Last Days

Zev Shalev uncovers an attempt to cover-up Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes. Is Donald Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr behind it? With special guest Steven Hoffenberg. 


As a U.S. Virgin Isles judge temporarily freezes the assets of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, Steven Hoffenberg has an urgent message for the victims’ lawyers. 

part 10: on her majesty’s secret service

Narativ has exclusively reported about Epstein’s work for Aman, Israeli military intelligence. Now, Steven Hoffenberg reveals the work Epstein did for Mi6, Britain’s secret intelligence service.

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