A Mob Story

Narativ is premiering There’s Something About Rudy, a pop-up podcast about the man at the center of Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, Rudy Giuliani.

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Rudy Giuliani presents many faces to the American public. Giuliani is fond of America‚Äôs Mayor, the moniker he earned after 9/11 and boasts about his reputation as a leading crime-busting federal prosecutor he earned in the 1980s. These days he calls himself the president’s personal attorney and his cybersecurity adviser but the truth about Rudy seems far different than the image he presents. Part one of our investigative miniseries is all about Rudy and the mob.

Power of the Crowd

Narativ’s investigations are a collaborative efforts involving the many citizen journalists and researchers on social media who are investigating the attack on American democracy, an effort which I call the biggest crowdsourced investigation in human history.

For the Rudy pods, my special thanks to colleagues @LincolnsBible and @PortlusGlam. They are required follows, in my opinion. While I’ve roughed out an outline, I work on shows in real-time and I’m leaning on my Twitter followers and Narativ viewers to help figure out the story.

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