A Dirty Little Secret

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An investigation into Facebook's political donations to Republican and anti-LGBT politicians and its investments from Putin-linked Russian oligarchs. We found a pattern of political activity at odds with the company's public image. At 33, Mark...
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6 thoughts on “A Dirty Little Secret

  1. Ok, who is going to be the next Ted Turner and open their own social site, open to everyone, all religions, all opinions, so that all of the Facebook, Google and Twitter fans, have a place to go without prejudice. We need someone other than Zuckerberg, who talks out of both sides of his mouth and says one thing but his behavior projects another one. I certainly hope he is subpoenaed to tell everything he knows and it won’t be pretty. Good thing that there are plenty of sets of handcuffs around. Mueller, just keep looking under every rock and in every crack. This is really getting interesting.

  2. When I first heard of this fake news, it was on All In with Chris Hayes back in December. He had a former FB employee that said they were targeting voter districts. I thought then that this would be treasonous. I want the truth, not a bunch of opinions, the truth. I can barely read any news on FB bc of all of the ads. I do not like it Sam I am.

    1. If it was fake news, the article wouldn’t be supplying links to backup the information provided. Apparently you’re not really interested in the truth. Just something palatable that suits your own political values and interests

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