For Guns And Country

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How a Russian central banker and suspected mob boss infiltrated the NRA and helped get Donald Trump elected. Nashville native G. Kline Preston IV is proud to be a Russophile. A framed poster of Vladimir...
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6 thoughts on “For Guns And Country

  1. I think we are all going to find that this Trump-Russia investigation is going to prove to be much, much bigger than we are all thinking at this time. It is going to involve many countries, banks, businesses and take many years to unravel. It is a race to see if Mr. Muller and his investigation can bring some charges and get this administration and all its minions out of office before there is nothing left to save. I certainly don’t believe that this is all Trumps idea – there has to be thousands of people inside government, business, banks and other countries that are working to destroy America. Look around you. I don’t hear much of anything from the Democrats or the resistance. I wonder if America could muster enough people to take a stand against this. I sure don’t see it with any friends, family or co-workers in my sphere. They are not interested in becoming informed. It may take another 5-10 years until the “white” well off population of the USA realize that democracy is no longer there to rely on. Waiting until next November to vote for new representatives will be WAY TOO LATE. Let’s be honest here and realize most of America is too lazy to bother to save their country. Please prove me wrong.

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