Trojan Horse

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New details of how the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin forged a deal during the 2016 Campaign and the mysterious role of a pro-Russian mercenary who has close ties to Mike Pence. With additional reporting...
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13 thoughts on “Trojan Horse

  1. Pence will be going to jail. Because the lies that he repeatedly told about Flynn will be pierced by Mueller’s team.

  2. You are freaking kidding right? Even if they were setting up back channels to talk to the Russians during the transition, that is normal behavior of an incoming administration. Even Obama had done this in 2008! Surely, you know how a president elect administrations start, and if you don’t where is the proof? By just stating words of unnamed officials and using back handed allegations doesnt make a conspiracy! You people are freaking Idiots!

    1. Miller denies going to Iran in 2008, as Ledeen (who made the original assertion) claims he did. Ledeen was just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what could stick. Just trying to advance the Obama pro-muslim bs by the alt-right blowhards..In this day and age it would be simple to prove Miller went there if he did. Baseless as usual.
      Trump advisers, cabinet and family are up to their necks, no….over their heads, in all that is Russia. No sanctions. Traitors.

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  4. THank you, excellent article, connecting the “dots”. Pence was Manafort’s hand-chosen VP, while working for Putin, so of course Putin put two in WH, anticipating perhaps the day Trump is either arrested or simply resigns as his crimes become too apparent and Pence would succeed Trump. Pence took over from Christy heading up Transition team, and immediately threw out everything Christy had done. Christy whole former Governor, was also former USAG so he would have set up a structure that stayed within laws – not what Pence wanted apparently. Any ideas on who might be the “back channel” with Russia while Trump in WH? Hannity, a frequent visitor to Trump?

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