Dial ‘C’ For Collusion

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Unnamed sources say the FBI now has details of how the operation to elect Trump colluded with Russia to win. Here's what to expect. Back in the Spring of 2012, the campaign of the incumbent...
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8 thoughts on “Dial ‘C’ For Collusion

    1. The Republicans care nothing about the Constitution, only acquiring and maintaining power for themselves at all costs. They know that they do not represent the views of the majority of Americans, and that they can only gain power by cheating, suppressing the votes of fellow citizens who disagree with them, and by allying themselves with an outside power to steal elections. They see their fellow citizens as greater enemies than the Russians, naively ignoring the fact that it is the Russians whose primary goal is the destruction of American power and world leadership. We are witnessing the deliberate subversion of popular sovereignty by a radical minority political party in what amounts to a coup d’etat. The RNC and the Republican leadership are knowingly engaged in what the Founding Fathers would have called sedition and treason.

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